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3 Key Reasons Why Having The Right Advisor is a Winning Bet!

So many people make investment desisions based on emotions.

During this weeks wisdom we are going to discuss 3 Key Reason having the right advisor is a winning

1.  So often people make investment decisions based on emotions. I remember 2008 when so
many people were panicking and wanted to sell out of their positions. Our team kept people
grounded and reinforced their long term strategy. Since 2008 the S&P 500 has risen by
approximately 275% and those people who stayed the course have since enjoyed great returns.
Had they sold out they may never have recouped their losses.
In 2008 104 Billion dollar left funds, and in march 2020 326 billion left funds!

2.  Expertise- Another reason having a great advisor is a winning bet is their expertise. There are so
many examples we can think of where you can google how to do something. I mean you can
probably get instructions on the internet about doing a root canal, but I am certainly going to my
dentist for his/her expertise! In finance often times we just don’t know what we don’t know.

3.  Facts- studies prove that having an advisor puts more money in your pocket.
For example Vanguard who is a do it yourself company performed a study in 2014 called the Advisor
Alpha and it demonstrated that by having an advisor people did 3% points better than those who did not
rely upon the advice of an advisor.
This 3% points could increase your long term values of your accounts by hundreds of thousands of

It is clear that having the right type of advisor is critical to your long term financial success.
An remember, when it comes to financial decisions, never say never, never say always it depends!

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