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Financial Education For Our Children

We Believe That Children Are Our Future! Let's Help Them Get There!

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This week we are going to cover something a little different! We will discuss what I think is the most important topic of all (OUR CHILDREN)!

At the Institute of Financial Wellness, we believe in the unlimited potential of our children given the right information, education, and opportunities!  We believe every child has the potential to be America’s next greatest entrepreneur that makes a positive impact and difference for the future!  Why should we groom our children to be “good workers & employees” when maybe we can open their minds to be the next Richard Branson, Mark Cuban,  Daymon Johnson,  or Lori Grenier!   Many of us give out allowances to our children doing chores (and that’s great!) however instead of only training them like employees what if we  “trained and developed” our kids to think about being innovative entrepreneurs! 

This week’s wisdom is to encourage just that!  Let’s open the possibility and pave the way for our children to become America’s next greatest entrepreneur!  This year consider challenging your child to think of a way to develop a business idea and encourage them and reward them as you do with their allowance for chores. 

What better way to expose them than to watch Shark Tank together as a family once a week! (In case you don’t know it airs daily on CNBC cable)  Then have dinner discussions about some of the businesses they learned about.  Come up with specific questions to ask like which business was your favorite?  Why do you think they got the deal?    Challenge them to think of a business idea they would love to start. Have them write it down and describe it to you.  Then without judgment or discussion reward them simply for taking that initiative and coming up with a business idea of their own!  

I hope this gives many of you a small paradigm shift and encourages you to help expand your child’s mindset and vision for their future!

Remember when it comes to financial decisions, never say “never”, never says “always”…it depends!

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