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How To Become a Millionaire From Your 401(k)

Find Out Exactly What You Can Do To Make It Happen

How Can You Reach Your $1,000,000 Retirement Savings Goal?

Let’s assume you are earning $100,000 a year and save approximately 6-7% of your income to your 401k…that would be approximately $555 a month.  If you started that at age 30 by the age of 65 you would have $1,000,000 saved. Thanks to the power of time and saving.

What Could That Mean to You in Retirement?

If you create the right retirement income distribution strategy you can set yourself up to receive approximately $70,000 a year from this savings in retirement.

Now if this seems like too much or too little, don’t worry.  Everyone has their own situation, goals, and needs and you can adjust this number up or down, the math will still work in your favor!


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  • Understand the differences between accumulation and distribution of your money
  • Learn how to build more wealth without saving additional money
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The IFW 401(k) Wealth Maximizer provides valuable financial education and proven strategies to help you unlock the greatest potential of your 401(k). It is designed to help protect your money from potential downside risks and maximize your future retirement income.


The IFW provides valuable financial education, resources, and services that help people live their best life. 

Please remember, be mindful of the messenger that positions certain products or services as “always” bad or “always” perfect.  The fact of the matter is there are no “bad products” or “perfect products”.   The right product is the one that aligns with your goals and objectives. 

The Institute of Financial Wellness believes when it comes to financial decisions; never say “Never” never say “Always”…It Depends.

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