It All Starts With A Sound Strategy

Ensuring a proper legacy for your family or philanthropic values does not happen without a thorough plan and structure in place.   Here are five core elements that should be considered and put into place.  

Establish Your Vision: 

Start by taking a big step back to look in your life’s rearview mirror and at the road ahead.  Think about what you value and what is most important.   Collaborate with your family, trusted loved ones, and friends about how they see you and what impact you have made on them and those around you.  In the end, get that clarity about what is your vision for your legacy.  

Declare Your Legacy:  

Next comes the details.   This is the specifics of what you wish to leave behind and how it will be delivered.  Map out your financial, personal, professional, philanthropic, and business goals for your legacy.  

Create Your Strategy:

Once you know what you want to do – then you need to decide how it will happen.  This generally requires the assistance of trusted experts like your financial professional, estate planner, attorney, and accountant.  

Living Your Legacy:

A clear legacy plan can truly help you live your best life. Knowing what you will leave behind and how you wish to be remembered can be a silent guide to how you live each day to stay true to your legacy goals.

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