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Common Bond

CommonBond is a leading financial technology company that offers a suite of student loan-based solutions to consumers and enterprises. Consumers benefit from more affordable, transparent, and simpler ways to pay their student loans. Enterprises benefit from tech-forward customer acquisition and engagement capabilities to scale their businesses with Millennials and Gen Z.

To date, CommonBond has funded over $3.0 billion in loans, partnered with over 300 corporate clients and reached over 250,000 users. CommonBond is the first and only finance company with a “one-for-one” social mission: for every loan it funds, CommonBond also funds the education of a child in need, through its partnership with Pencils of Promise.


The IFWA has partnered with CommonBond to offer industry-leading student loan refinancing benefits to its clients. Refinancing is a chance to trade in your old, confusing loans for a new one that’s easier to manage and easier on your wallet. Here’s how it works:

Simplify your old loans. You start fresh with one loan that can help you save long term or pay less each month. CommonBond customers have saved thousands. The process is free.
Breathe a little easier. CommonBond offer up to 24 months of forbearance, just in case you need to put payments on pause. Plus, you’ll never be charged origination fees or get penalized for paying early.
Give back together. When you refinance, CommonBond helps fund a child’s education in the developing world through its partnership with Pencils of Promise.


The CommonBond guide to paying off your student loans
If your career, finances, or priorities have changed since you first took out loans, there’s probably a better payment plan out there – one that can save you money and help you reach your goals faster.

Student loan refinancing calculator
Explore the loan options below to see how much you could save through refinancing, and how it will affect your payments and loan terms.

“The way we see it, businesses have a responsibility to do more than just business. We’re passionate about giving people the opportunity to live their dreams, and we know improving student loans is just one way we can make a world of difference.”
– David Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of CommonBond

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