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Meet Blossom Smith & "The Best Decision She Ever Made"

While Blossom Smith had been able to create substantial savings by managing her finances conservatively starting at an early age, the Maryland resident felt she needed additional guidance to protect her best interests. After being burned by a broker who caused her to lose money in a bad investment, she conducted online research last year for a reliable professional. She knew she didn’t want to work with anyone trying to “sell her” on any specific products – she wanted someone agnostic to provide her with information so she could make her own choices. Blossom was thrilled when she came across the Institute of Financial Wellness and its fact-based, user-friendly multi-media educational platform.

After she attended the IFW’s Retirement Roadmap webinar last year, she knew without a doubt that she had come to the right place. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” she says. 

Blossom, who had grown up in a blue-collar Jamaican family where her father worked as a chauffeur and her mom as a cook, moved to the U.S. as a child with her mother and two siblings. She learned from watching her family work hard that a college education and a strong career would be critical to ensure her best life. 

After obtaining a master’s degree in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, she went to work in a high-level position for the federal government. Managing her income prudently, she managed to accumulate a remarkable sum of money. A few years ago, she was misled by a broker to invest some money in a real estate investment trust that went bankrupt – so she realized she needed expert guidance. She was most interested in maximizing the value of her assets and minimizing her tax liabilities.

“The IFW is awesome,” she says. “They provided me with information that was easy for me to understand and made me feel comfortable knowing I was on the right path. The advisor I found through their network, Evan Sussman, really gets me. Rather than trying to sell me on anything with an agenda, he gives me all the information and options so I can decide for myself and do what’s right for me.”

With help from her advisor, Blossom redesigned her portfolio by adding a series of wealth accumulation, distribution, and protection products.

Today, the single 58-year-old woman is excited to start planning her move to Florida so she can begin the next phase of her life – retirement – counting on the support of her trusted financial professional and the IFW every step of the way.

Blossom Smith: At a Glance

The Problem: Blossom had managed to build up substantial savings throughout her life, but felt she needed professional help, particularly to maximize the value of her assets and minimize her tax liabilities. She had lost money after being misled by a broker who persuaded her to invest in a real estate investment trust which went bankrupt. 

The Solution: The Institute of Financial Wellness put Blossom on the path to “Get There” and achieve her best life by enabling her to select a well-rounded financial professional who developed a customized solution, including wealth accumulation, distribution, and protection products.

The Outcome: Knowing the value of the assets she has spent her lifetime building is being maximized while her tax liabilities are minimized, Blossom finally feels peace of mind and is looking forward to the next chapter of her life as she approaches retirement.


Learn More About IFW’s Retirement Planning Webinar & The Best Decision Blossom Smith Ever Made!

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The IFW provides valuable financial education, resources, and services that help people live their best life. 

Please remember, be mindful of the messenger that positions certain products or services as “always” bad or “always” perfect.  The fact of the matter is there are no “bad products” or “perfect products”.   The right product is the one that aligns with your goals and objectives.

The Institute of Financial Wellness believes when it comes to financial decisions; never say “Never” never say “Always”…It Depends!

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