IFW Services are designed to address each person’s unique situation so they can achieve their goals. Each service provides financial education and proven strategies, and planning tools, to help people make informed decisions with the clarity and confidence they need.

Retirement Roadmap

The Retirement Roadmap is the best way for anyone between the ages of 40 and 70 to ensure they are on track for a healthy and prosperous retirement. This service has helped thousands of people lower or eliminate taxes in retirement, mitigate the effects of market volatility on their portfolios, and perhaps most importantly, ensure they never run out of money in retirement.

To learn these proven strategies, register today to attend one of IFW’s live webinars or watch it on-demand and order your own free custom IFW Retirement Roadmap.

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401k Wealth Maximizer

401(k)’s have become synonymous with retirement planning and saving money. The trouble is, most people know little about their 401(k) or how they can make it work better. IFW’s 401(k) Wealth Maximizer provides valuable financial education and proven strategies to maximize people’s savings now and ensure more income later. This service helps participants understand the difference between the accumulation and distribution of money, proven ways to build more wealth while saving the same amount,  with greater access to your money all along the way. Every IFW 401(k) Wealth Maximizer participant receives a free IFW 401(k) Wealth Maximizer report.

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College Saving Solutions

Most people don’t know that college tuition prices are not set in stone. IFW provides valuable financial education and proven strategies that may help lower college tuition fees, navigate the complex admissions and applications process, identify potential aid and scholarships. Plus, every College Savings Solutions participant receives a free My Tuition Score Report – a unique and comprehensive preparation tool for the college process.

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Protecting Your Greatest Asset

What is your most valuable financial asset? Your ability to earn income!  This service is a must to best protect you and your family.  Receive valuable information on the right types of insurance, coverage amounts, and tips to pay the best price for your risk management program.

Every participant receives a free IFW Insurance Audit which includes a review of all their current insurances and provides recommendations for improvements.

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IFW was created to meet the need for clear, unbiased, engaging, fact-based financial education, resources, and services.

Mission: To provide financial education, resources, and services that help people live their best life.

Vision: To serve as America’s most trusted company for financial education, resources, and services.

When it comes to financial decisions, our motto is: “Never Say Never. Never Say Always. It Depends”.

Now, let’s GET THERE together!

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