The IFW Retirement Roadmap Promise!!!

We Promise You A Delightful & Valuable Experience!

Hello, I’m Erik Sussman, CEO & Founder of The Institute of Financial Wellness.

Congratulations on signing up for your IFW Retirement Roadmap. I want to make you a promise!   We will do everything we can, to ensure you have a delightful and valuable Retirement Roadmap Experience.

Please watch this video I made for you (less than 1 minute long).

The roadmap, along with guidance from your Certified IFW Financial Professional, will help you:

  • Lower or possibly eliminate your taxes in retirement

  • Mitigate the effects of market volatility on your portfolio.

  • Make sure you never run out of money in retirement.

Remember, every IFW Financial professional is thoroughly vetted, qualified, and experienced so I am sure you will enjoy a valuable and productive meeting.

We are excited to help you “Get There”!


Erik Sussman

IFW Ceo & Founder

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