Have You Been Making Plans to Counter Inflation?

It's going to take more than just switching brands at the supermarket!

So, maybe you were making some changes at the grocery store to deal with inflation. Inflation is
rising fast though, in fact we’re seeing the biggest increase in 40 years.

The small cuts and changes you may have made so far aren’t cutting it anymore.
It may be time for larger changes. So, here are some ideas and things to consider to help save
money and deal with higher costs.

So you have popcorn ceilings and want to paint your house. It seems everything you need to know is on YouTube. Watch the tutorials and you could save yourself over $3,000.

Getting married this year?  Weddings are more expensive. What might have been $20,,000 two years ago could be $60,000 today. So, look for a vacation rental and have your wedding there.
Been making different food choices but it is still not good enough? Buy in bulk, cook in bulk
and freeze the excess.
Of course, paying as little as you can on your taxes is another great idea. One way is to convert
an IRA to a Roth so as you get older and perhaps taxes go up, you have a tax-free source of
income. Oh, and another benefit is it won’t affect any taxes you might have to pay on your
Social Security.

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